‘Me & a Cup of Hot Chocolate’ was founded in 2009. It all began with the drive and innovative passion that I have towards illustration. My hobby over time slowly turned into a distinctive collection which brought together the formation of a brand.

The brand name originated from the simple routine of making a cup of hot chocolate for myself before I would sit down and translate my ideas into drawings and illustrations. This is the reason why the brand, even just regarding the name is very organic and distinctive towards myself. The nostalgia in this simple process gives me a great sense of satisfaction when seeing the final outcome.

From the beginning, the brand has always featured unique and exclusive scarves that include the use of my hand-drawn artwork. Each design translates individuality with a hint of an effortless and timeless look. A primary aspect that I take into consideration when designing is for my products to stand the test of time. My aim is for my products to fit all generations and create a sense of heritage in fashion.